Monday, February 6, 2012

Scottish Tablet

Now, I think its time for something sweet

How about

Scottish Tablet

Scottish Tablet

One of my fondest Scottish treats

I have very early memories of Scottish Tablet

I remember my mum giving it to me in my "piece" (school snack) in Primary One, when we lived in Dundee

and throughout the years, Tablet was made in our home a lot

I tried making Tablet as a teenager and would give up, asking my mum to take over

Tablet is one of those things that can be really tricky to get right, it can turn to toffee or just never set, and it can burn so easily, so patience is a must.

Like many sweet treats in Scotland, it is the stuff that makes dentists smile, keeping them in business, due to all the sugar,


Oh. My. God. Its. Good.

Here is my mums recipe

You will need

2lb Sugar
Cup of Full Cream Milk
14oz (396g) Tin Condensed milk
Knob of butter
(what is a knob of butter anyway? I used that smaller cut off chunk of butter in pic below)

........... Oh, and you will need a really strong arm (for beating the mixture)

Put Sugar, Butter and Milk in a heavy set pot and bring to boil. 

Sugar, Milk, Butter

Melt together until Sugar is completely dissolved.

Milk, Butter and Sugar dissolved

Add Condensed Milk and simmer, while stirring, on medium for 15 to 20 minutes or until mixture darkens and stiffens slightly. 

adding Condensed Milk

Getting the mixture darker and thicker is more important than the time stated, it took me 30 minutes this time

Never walk away from this stuff as it can burn easy, you need to keep movement in the pot

Darker mixture, now thickening

Once thickened... Take off heat and beat until stiff, usually 5-10 minutes

(this is where that strong arm comes in, I used Mr Tartan Tastes arm for this one)

Tablet and a Strong Arm

Once Tablet mixture stiffens, pour out into a baking tray to further set.

Tablet being poured into tray

Score into squares with a knife while still warm

Tablet scored into square slabs

Leave on counter to set, or put in fridge to set

Hints and tips

You need patience, patience, patience 

While beating, I have heard many people have tips for finding out if Tablet is setting and stiffening, my mum says, you just know when its getting tougher to stir, and she is right, big muscles are made from making Tablet

If mixture is not stiffening, for extra help, fill bottom of kitchen sink with cold water and place pot in there and beat mixture until stiff

If you don't leave it on the heat long enough it will never set and will be soft instead

My mum says, if you have already poured it into the tray and its not setting, scrape the whole lot back into the pot and start heating again, it will turn liquid again and then stir until it is ready, no need to throw the mixture out

A large sturdy pot is best

Me and My Mum

So this is my mums recipe, I have grown up on this amazing sweet yummy treat.

Every time my mum said she was away to make Tablet, my Sister and I would cheer.

My mum is The Tablet Making Expert, hers always sets and is always the perfect colour

Mine on the other hand, lets just say I have had my bad Tablet moments

Thank you mum, for your sweet, delicious Tablet recipe

Enjoy pals


p.s. shhhh! Don't tell your Dentist

I also have a great microwave recipe for Tablet, I will share that soon


  1. tablet looks fantastic and thankyou for posting lovely pic(not) was it taken at your old house in daviot road?

  2. It was taken in your house, its lovely.....

  3. angela this tablet looks great i have a simaler recipe and your mums right its all about keeping the mixture moveing and beating it at the end of cooking well done to you aunty janet xx

  4. Is Tablet pronounced like it is spelled?

    1. Yes it is, just like it sounds.

    2. You have totally saved me! As a non-native with a Scottish man, after having lived in Scotland for over six years I have finally attempted making ha let and it was a total mess. But your and your mums tricks worked a treat; I simply reboiled the entire mixture and beat it in the sink in cold water. It turned out fabulous!!! Thanks so so much

    3. I am so glad it worked out, my mum's tricks have saved my tablet many times too. I am sure your Scottish man loved it

  5. I made this once and gave some to my Gram who's Scottish. On my first try she gave it an 8/10. Instructions were super easy to read! 10/10 would try again.

  6. I made perfect tablet the other day, now today its turned to toffee!! Did I book it too long?

  7. I usually make nice tablet, but today it turned into hard, chewy toffee! Did I boil it too long?


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