Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scottish Recipes - Steak Pie

Happy lazy Sunday everyone

Today is a day for relaxing with friends and family, and eating great food

In Scotland its traditionally a day of the great Sunday Roast

Today we are having

Steak Pie

Steak Pie

I have a lot of great Steak Pie memories

One that always comes to mind was when I was a child

My Grandad, who lived on his own would come see us every Christmas

He would get on the bus from his Scottish village where he lived and never tell us he was coming, we always knew he would visit, but every year he would arrive unannounced, but expected all the same.

This was fine when we were really young and my mum was at home during the day but as my sister and I got older and into our teens and twenties my family would all be out at work or school, and so no one was ever in.

He would sit on the door step with his Christmas presents for everyone and wait

Luckily our neighbor took him into her home a few times until we got home

So, back to the Steak Pie

At Christmas its tradition in Scotland to have a turkey and all the trimmings, but my Grandad didn't like turkey, so my mum would always make him a Steak Pie, he loved Steak Pie, especially my mum's Steak Pie

I think about my Grandad when I make Steak Pie, especially around Christmas time.

Funny how little things like that pop into your head

Another great Steak Pie memory, is later in life, in my 20s when I started going out on the town with my friends, partying.

The morning or afternoon after, depending on when we re-surfaced, it was know for us to go out and eat some good old pub grub as a hangover cure (anyone British knows exactly what I'm talking about, its like homemade comfort food) most of the time it would be a Scottish cooked breakfast.

One of my best friends, Alison, (who now lives in New Zealand, Hi Alison), would always want a Steak Pie, even if it was early and breakfast time instead. So out came the breakfasts for everyone else and of course Alison's Steak Pie.

Steak Pie tends to be a Sunday Lunch/Dinner favorite, served with vegetables of choice and Roasted or Mashed Potatoes but also great with Chips (fries)

Scottish comfort food at its best

Here is how my mum makes Steak Pie, she passed it to me and its how I make it also

Serves 4

You will need

1.5lb Stewing Beef cut into cubes
a sheet of frozen puff pastry (homemade puff pastry recipe coming soon)
some water
Bisto Beef Gravy granules or Beef Gravy Powder

Stewing Beef
Puff Pastry Sheet

Ahhhh Bisto

Put meat into Slow Cooker or Crock Pot (USA) and add a half cup of water and cook on Low for 5 hours until meat is soft and tender

You can also Cook this on a Cook top, put meat into a large pot and cover with cold water, bring to boil and simmer for 1.5 - 2 hours, until meat is soft and tender

Once meat is tender, add Bisto Gravy Granules or Powder according to packet
I used 2.5 tbs of granules to the juices and meat until gravy was thick and dark

Beef and Gravy

Defrost Puff Pastry and lay out on a baking sheet, bake in oven at 400F for 15 minutes until golden and puffy

Puff Pastry

Cut pastry into 4 pieces

Spoon out Meat and Gravy mixture on to plate

Beef and Gravy

Place a piece of Puff Pastry on top of Meat

Steak Pie

Serve with vegetables of choice, I chose Carrot and Mashed Potatoes this time

Scottish comfort food at its best

Steak Pie with Carrots and Mash

Thank you mum for giving me your recipe all those years ago

Enjoy your Sunday Dinner my pals

Whatever your comfort food of choice is

We are having Steak pie



  1. 2.5 lbs of granules? Seems like a lot.

    1. lol it says 2.5 (tbs) which stands for Tablespoons in short in cooking , so yes 2.5 lbs would be a lot :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. We love a good traditional meal and we also love to make it easy for you to get a traditional meal. Pie and mash drizzled with a parsley sauce is readily available at Arments Pie & Mash shop or you can check the website to get yours delivered in a container fresh to your door.

  3. You did this the quick way I agree with the way you cook the meat But you should cool the meat down even overnight in the Fridge .Then place in dish
    cover with the puff pastry ( like you would an apple pie) make holes foe air to escape brush with egg wash and cook in oven 400 degrees are pasty pkg directions.This way the pastry get to absorb some of the gravy on the bottom and is not as dry if cooked separately.

  4. Hi Angela, I'm an ex-pat like yersel, living in Toronto, Canada...steak pie wis always served in my mum's house, so much so ah got sick to death of, of course, I have to buy it at the Scottish bakery shop, at a helluva price!! mum often put kidney, beef links and onion in would I incorporate all that into the recipe?...less stew beef to equal the 1.5 pounds measurement?...MORE stew beef to maybe double the recipe??!!!


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