Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jungle Bathroom Makeover

So, I already showed you the Jungle Leopard Mirror makeover as a sneak peek

Here it is in its new place in the new Jungle Bathroom

Jungle Bathroom Mirror

to see how I painted the mirror click here

So ..... Drum roll.....

Now its time to show you the whole Jungle Bathroom makeover

I already had a bunch of Jungle themed items,

like pictures, a painting, a rug, laundry bin, all from Sir Scoffs-A-Lots baby bedroom.

He now has a big boy Cars themed bedroom, so this stuff was looked out to sell at a consignment sale and then I got to thinking, maybe a Jungle Bathroom would be great fun

So I set out to just paint over the old wall color, it was a silver/ grey before, and stick up a few pictures

How Wrong Was I

My brain started to work over time,

What if I painted some wall decor, palms trees and grass etc ?

I could do that

So that's where this picture came in, I used it for inspiration to paint the palm trees

So I started painting

I just copied the picture's tree

Paint colours

Starting to paint the palm trees

Now the leaves

Adding more color on the trunk

Here's how it all turned out

Jungle Bathroom palm trees

Jungle Bathroom palm trees

I added all the accessories I had and then added more that I bought or made

Picture I painted

Cute tissue cover from ebay

cute soap dish from ebay

cute toothbrush holder from ebay

can you believe I painted this when I was 15, I am such a hoarder sometimes
new monkey shower curtain and matching monkey curtain rings

I then wanted to change up the bathroom cabinets

They were already painted white so I sanded them and added antiquing glaze

white cabinets
hardware removed, one cabinet glazed

new glazing on cabinets and newly sprayed handles

Painting it on and wiping it off to give this effect

I got the idea over at a blog called Our Fifth House click here to see

I spray painted the handles from Silver to Brown

Eventually we will change the bath, and change the tiles, but for now the mini makeover is complete

So for now here is the Jungle Bathroom

Jungle bathroom

No bathroom is complete without that basket of bath toys

Fit for a cheeky wee monkey

Do you love it?

Sir Scoffs-A-Lot does


Here I am linking to Thrifty Decor Chick and her fabulous before and after party


  1. Yay!!! Turned out so great, Angela! You did an amazing job, as always! When are you going to start a business in Home Design!?

  2. Thank you, I loved doing that bathroom, its so cute now, its a happy place

  3. It looks fantastic! I love the picture you painted so long ago. How fun that it works perfectly now. Love it!

    1. I knew I was keeping that picture for something, 25 years later its in our bathroom in Texas, go figure

  4. Adorable room-love the palm trees too! Following from TDC-stop on over for a visit!

  5. Thank you Claire, glad u like it. Popping over for a visit right now :)


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