Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY - Guest Bedroom Makeover

One of our Guest Bedrooms was completely set in the 90's, even though we moved into this house in 2005 !!

It had Solid Pine furniture that came over with us from Scotland when we moved to Texas

It was old and dated and needed to go

Pine bedroom furniture

Boring pine furniture

We planned on buying new furniture for this room

Then I saw this, click here  on Pinterest, How to update furniture with black spray paint and distress it

I was in awe

So according to the blog I followed the steps to paint the furniture black and sand it to make it look distressed

pine bed with black paint and distressing
chest of drawers with black paint and distressing

I figured if it all went wrong then we were going to throw out the furniture anyway, we cant lose

It turned out great and I was pleased with the results,  Mr Tartan Tastes was skeptical, but even he loved the finished look

Now it looks all sophisticated and has a New Lease of life

I bought new lamp shades for the lamps

I painted the walls the same paint color as most rooms in our home, Behr Castle Path

Guest Bedroom Makeover

I love that color a lot, maybe a bit too much according to Mr Tartan Tastes

Its in our living room, kitchen, hallway, stairway, and now this guest room, oh and as the background color for the mini makeover for the Jungle Bathroom

See, I love that wall color

Another passion of mine is metal art, I have it all over my home.

Its a bit of an obsession, these cute white pieces were in another room but they look way better in here

Metal Art

Metal Art

The mirror on the wall is from Scotland, I acquired it from my parents, it was gold, then I sprayed it silver now its sprayed brown and distressed a little showing the silver

Mirror, painted brown using outdoor furniture paint

Doesn't it look cute?

Its amazing what a little paint on the furniture and some new wall color and some new bedding can do

Guest Bedroom Makeover
I love this makeover, our guests will feel much cozier in here now



  1. I love your makeover! I saw it on Pinterest

  2. It's a great idea that you give new color to your Pine bedroom furniture. Though it was old and dated as well as you wanted to sell. It's amazing what a little paint on the furniture and some new wall color and some new bedding can do. Great pleasure to read your blog. Great lovely makeover.


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