Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY - Mirror gets a jungle makeover

Hi everyone,

Although this is mostly a cooking blog, I also wanted to show my home makeover ideas on here

I love all things DIY, so does Mr Tartan Tastes. He is handy in that department which is just as well as we are living in a 70s home that is/was in need of updating, we have been here 5 years now and have changed a few things along the way.

I plan to get out old photos and show you our changes in the past 5 years and to show you all things new and on going

Right now we have 4 projects on the go, yes that's right, 4.

When I say 4 projects, we are doing most, if not all of it, ourselves, only 1 project will be done by contractors

Are we mad, I think so

We are updating the upstairs bathroom into a kid friendly bathroom Click here to see transformation

We are updating our Master Bathroom and Closet and Master Bedroom, this is the biggest and most time consuming, it has been ripped back to the studs and completely rearranged, a sledgehammer was handy in this ongoing project ( I call this just one project but really it is 3 in 1 if you ask me)

We are getting quotes to build a 3 car garage (yeah, finally) Click here

We are doing a mini-makeover on one of the guest bedrooms click here to see transformation

So this cute home in Texas is our 3rd home that we have changed using Mr Tartan Tastes Handyman talents and my obsession with all things decoratey, is that even a word? Decoratey.

So I thought I would start with a sneak peek at the jungle bathroom mirror I did today

I gave Sir Scoffs-A-Lot the choice

a leopard spots mirror


a tiger stripes mirror

He chose Leopard spots mirror

Here it is, all boring and white bought from Ikea 10 years ago

Boring mirror

I used paint colours that I had hanging around for the actual bathroom makeover

First I added white to the Behr paint Copper Mountain, to make it a lighter, more "leopardy" colour

getting a makeover
base coat on

then I painted brown spots randomly over the area (again same Copper Mountain paint with black added to darken it)

spots added

next i used a fine artists brush and painted a black fuzzy edge on each brown spot

close up of black fuzzy detail

and there here it is

Leopard jungle mirror makeover

A leopard spot mirror, all ready for the jungle bathroom make-over

So, from old white Ikea mirror to roary leopard spots jungle mirror






  1. Thats fabulous angela.x

  2. Looks great - looking forward to visiting and using the jungle bathroom!


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