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Scottish Recipes - Steak Bridies

Steak Bridies

Homemade Steak Bridies brought to you by tartantastesintx

OMG !!

I love Steak Bridies, they are light and fluffy, yet hearty and filling

This is something I have only recently started to make from scratch

Stephens (a Dunfermline Bakery) have the best Steak Bridies in my opinion

These delicious meaty delights are a personal favorite of mine from back home in Scotland

Stephens the Baker's,  Dunfermline Bakery

Original Steak Bridie from Scotland

For those of you who have never had one, its best described a pastry pocket filled with Meat & Gravy


I love them so much, I had two on my last trip home

So after making Sausage Rolls I got to thinking, I wonder if I can make a Steak Bridie ?

Oh yes I can

Again, just like Sausage Rolls, no living, breathing Scot would make these while living in Scotland, you can just buy them for next to nothing, but here in Texas expats and the rest of you around the world need to make them from scratch. If we fancy a Bridie and Beans, we need to get our aprons on

These are a hit with Mr Tartan Tastes

Here's how I make them

Makes 8

You will need

1Pk Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets (2pk) - Puff pastry recipe coming soon
1lb Steak meat for stewing
Bisto Beef Gravy Granules or Powder
Beaten egg or milk to seal and glaze

Puff Pastry Sheets

Beef Stewing Steak

Cook the meat just as in the recipe for Steak Pie, click here to see how

Except, leave the meat cooking longer until there is less lumps of meat and its more of a shredded meat and gravy consistency

Let the meat cool completely (this is important as warm meat placed on pastry makes it melt)

Defrost the Puff Pastry Sheets

Lay the Sheets out and cut each sheet into 4, making 8 squares total

Pastry cut into 4

Take the cooled meat mixture and spoon some onto each square off to one corner

Place meat on one corner

Brush egg or milk around the edge of each square 

Fold each meat square, corner to corner, making a triangle shape

Pinch closed and using a knife cut a hole in the top for air to escape

Ready to bake

Brush with egg or milk to glaze

Bake on baking trays in the oven at 400F for 15 minutes or until golden

Homemade Steak Bridie

Note - You can freeze them raw ready to defrost and cook later 

Just like sausage rolls, enjoy hot with beans or enjoy this yummy pastry cold on its own

You can also make the filing with ground beef and onions, otherwise known as a mince and onion Bridie, similar to a Cornish pasty but without the potato & turnip

Enjoy, my pals



  1. it has put me in the mood for a steak bridie from stephens the baker Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lucky you, that you can just nip out and buy one, boo to the people who are lucky enough to live in Scotland , tee hee

  3. Oh my god Angela it looks so good can't wait to surprise Dave with it lol thanks for sharing ::)

  4. Angela, my husband came to the States in 2006 when we were married. The other day he was craving a Stephens bridie so badly I started looking for recipes, stumbling upon this site. Tonight I made the bridies, only substituting Pillsbury Pie Crust (half a crust for each bridie) and McCormick Brown Gravy mix because I couldn't find the Pepperidge Farms and Bisto here. He loved it and I'm glad I could give him a wee taste of home. Interestingly, I'm a native Texan, and I have spent time in Scotland with my husband. Scotland has always been so very gracious and welcoming, and I consider her my second country. Cheers for your site and your recipes!

  5. Ah, alas, I think the best bridies are from Forfar, which tells you where my neighborhood used to be. I haven't had a Forfar bridie in years. I will try your Stephens ones though.

  6. I'm not sure if you've ever watched Still Game but it reminded me of a beefy bake!! Lol

    1. Ha! You just made me laugh, I love Still Game and I love the Beefy Bake episode, it is exactly like a beefy bake lol

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Still game and I really want to make a beefy bake.... any spices I should use besides steak, puff pastry and grary?

  8. Buy an Empanada Press! We got one and they look great like real Scottish bridies.

  9. Completely agree that the bridies from Stephens bakery are the BEST. I spent two years in Scotland from '94 to '96 and 5 months of that time in Dunfermline and fell in love the Stephens. I crave them often so I will be trying this recipe very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  10. As a fellow Scot living in Houston I really missed these Bridies. I've Just made a 1/2 dozen using the Steak Bridie recipe and can't believe how good they are, Thank you Thank you!

  11. I made a lot and put some (unbaked) in my freezer. Takes me back home many years ago. Sooo good!

  12. Bridies are okey. But black pudding by far the best Scottish delicacy in my opinion. Not sure that’s something you can do yourself though. Ooh. Maybe see if you can fashion yourselves a Selkirk bannock recipe from ingredients available there. They are amazing sliced and toasted and soread with a wee bit butter. Nom nom. Also, slice sausage on a piece defo one of our better ideas too lol xx

  13. My word haven't been a Stephen's shop in over 20 years. Their rolls were phenomenal. Good to see so many Scottish recipes being given an airing here in the US. Ex-pat from Fife living in Maine.


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