Friday, August 23, 2013

Furniture Friday - the cute little Desk

Desk or vanity with homemade chalk paint

This cute little desk was a piece that I had hanging around for a while before I knew what I wanted to do with it

It belonged to a sweet man who said it belonged to his Great Aunt

I fight with myself sometimes about painting furniture, is it the right thing to do?

It's worse if the piece is perfect looking, like this one

desk / Vanity

Desk / Vanity

I wonder, is there going to be a whole new generation of furniture bloggers a few years from now stripping all this chalk paint and distressed paint work off these pieces and calling us names while they do it? I think so, for sure

Even so, I decided to make my own chalk paint for this one and to distress and antique only the drawers and the top

Here is a rare photo of me painting

Tartan tastes in Texas

It turned out looking great, all beachy and bright

Desk with Homemade Chalk paint

Desk / vanity with Homemade chalk paint

It is currently sitting in my master bedroom looking fantastic

Desk / vanity with Antiqued Chalk paint
Homemade Antiqued Chalk paint


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Furniture Friday - 60's End Table Revival

The story of the 60's End table

Turquoise End Table

This pretty piece was a Craigslist find, a student was selling it and I jumped at the chance of getting it

It is a solid, all wood piece that is sturdy and strong, this thing is built to last

60s End table

I loved the clean lines and 60's vibe from the piece and I knew it had to have a bright 60s pop to it when it came to redoing it

It is a departure for me as my style tends to be cream and neutral and very romantic with curvy lines

So I set to work with my turquoise paint and with a little antiquing and some very light distressing

Here is the finished piece

Isn't she purdy !!

Turquoise End table

Turquoise End table

Turquoise End table

Turquoise End table


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Friday, August 2, 2013

Furniture Friday - DIY Chalkboard

Welcome back to another installment of Furniture Friday

Don't worry if you are a fan of my Scottish cooking, there is plenty more cooking and baking coming your way very soon

But first I want to share with you this adorable chalkboard

it started off life as an old dusty and very large wood picture frame that had seen better days

Oh and my favorite part of the Chalkboard story, my neighbors picked it up from the side of the road for me, which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes also, yeah I am partial to a bit of sidewalk treasure hunting myself

So first off, what to do with it? Frame a picture or canvas? Frame a mirror? No lets make a Chalkboard

Here is how it turned out

with a bit of fixing up and some well needed paint and a bit of love, it was ready to relive another day

Isn't it beautiful

I think so


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