Monday, February 13, 2012

Scottish Recipes - Tattie Scones

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Tattie Scone

I wanted to make something heart shaped and these seemed an easy option

Nothing says love like a Tattie Scone


OK, maybe not,

But wait until I tell you this little story about Tattie Scones

I personally have tried a Tattie Scone only a few times in my life but

I know someone who got a Tattie Scone every Friday for years and was so overindulged to the point of not wanting anymore Tattie Scones, ever

My father in law used to visit his mum every Friday.

Every Friday, waiting for him was the fore mentioned Tattie Scone, every Friday it was the same, but eventually he was not able to stomach those Tattie Scones anymore.

But did he ever say to is mum he didn't want a Tattie Scone?


He just smiled and ate it.

Now that's love.

Not wanting to hurt someones feelings

She obviously thought he loved them, in fact I'm sure at one point he did, but he was done with the Tattie Scone and its Friday appearance

It's been a family joke for years, something we all smile about, and chuckle about from time to time

Gran is no longer with us, I bet my father in law would love to go around on a Friday and be offered a Tattie Scone and a cup of tea

So Tattie Scones or Potato Scones are really delicious if you don't overindulge

To make these yummy breakfast accompaniments

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You will need

450g/1lb Mashed Potatoes

60g/2.5oz Plain Flour

25g/1oz Butter

Pinch of Salt

Flour, Mashed Potato, Butter

Mash the potatoes, making sure you get out all the lumps, make it nice and smooth

Add butter and salt, mix it all in

Sieve the flour and add it a spoonful at a time, mixing it in gently

gently mix in the flour

Keep going a spoonful at a time until you form an elastic dough

Tattie Scone Dough

On a well floured surface, roll out the dough nice and thin

Roll out thin
Normally you cut the dough into squares or triangles but as you can see hearts work well too

Heat a skillet or heavy set frying pan and grease slightly

Tattie Scones
Cook the Tattie Scones 3 minutes on each side until nice and golden

Tattie Scones

Dont these look yummy?  A tasty Scottish Tattie Scone

Tattie Scones

Enjoy your Tattie Scone on its own with Butter or as part of a Cooked Scottish Breakfast

Now go my lovely Valentine's and make something normal all heart shaped



  1. These look great and dare I say it easy enough even I wouldn't be able to mess this up,lol. I am an ex pat but nowhere as far as most,I'm married to an Irish girl and after 10yrs together in Glasgow we ended up moving to N.Ireland. Being in Ireland we're not short on "potato bread"(tottie scones to us reared in Glasgow)but having the chance to make them from scratch is just too tempting. My son loves them and it's all he eats when visiting his Nana back home,well them and Square slice and fruit pudding.My two girls love tablet and all that's sweet so I'll have to go look for a recipe for that as well.

    Thanks Angela.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. Let me know how you get on making these, they really are so simple to make, your son will love them. Did you find the two tablet recipes I have on here? the microwave one is especially easy to do, and I have a recipe for square slice. Oh I love fruit slice too, now I want some lol

  2. I'm from South Lanarkshire but been in Oklahoma since march 2012 and as a tattie scone lover all my life i'm definitely going to give this a try in the next week or so. And I must try the tattie fritters too, would walk a hundred miles for a fritter after almost 4 years of American food.

    Americans don't know what savory is. If it's not loaded up with enough sugar to rot the teeth out of your head then they think it's "bland" Even their bread is bloody awful with a taste of sugar in it.


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