Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk26)

Hello, my Tartan Taste peeps

I have another installment of "From where I stand" to share with you again this week

It has been a fun week, filled with typical Summer activities

In Texas our weather has been mixed again, a lot of sun but plenty of rain thrown in for good measure, the grass and plants love it and we cool down a bit, so it's all good

Day 173/365 - Chillin' watching the World Cup with Hubby

Day 174/365 - At the local library with my boy today for more summer reading

Day 175/365 - ripples in the puddle, it rained today

Day 176/365 - our little neighbors had a lemonade stand, we couldn't refuse some homemade lemonade

Day 177/365 - This is the neighbor's Hamster, Lucky, we are currently babysitting her, so for now we have two hamsters in the house

Day 178/365 - My favourite kind of shopping - Shoe shopping - and DSW is the best !

Day 179/365 - a trip to the store today and we got ourselves some watermelon, the perfect snack for summer, yum !

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  1. I love watermelons - I can't seem to get enough right now

  2. loving the shoe shopping, did you buy any in the end?

  3. The homemade lemonade sounds nice and refreshing! Whenever I see a watermelon it reminds me of Dirty Dancing!

  4. that watermelon looks huge!!! Looks like my kind of week, shoe shopping and book browsing :)

  5. Lovely shoes, here in belgium you must had a umbrella, rain is caming back.

  6. Wow that watermelon looks huge!! Love the idea of the lemonade stand, perfect for this time of year and I hope you found some nice shoes

  7. It is a dream to actually see a real life lemonade stand! Sounds great! And just how big is that watermelon?!

  8. That watermelon looks huge! I love shoe shopping too! Great post Angela!

  9. love water melons they are so refreshing, that one looks huge. Hope the hamster enjoys the holiday. Libraries are a great resource for kids.

  10. I love the ripples in the puddle photo (I was very careful typing that!), the reflection is wonderful. Shoe shopping is always wonderful fun, I had a spot this week as well.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.


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