Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scottish recipes - Chocolate Mice

Scottish Chocolate Mice

If you are Scottish and around my age (em, no I will not divulge, only to say I am a child of the 70s and 80s) then you will remember 10p mix ups.

mix up

A great little tray of sweeties, in every corner shop, where you could pick items for 1p or even a half pence each, the shop keeper would pop the goodies into a paper poke (bag) as you and your friends hummed and hawed over what sweeties to choose for your shiny 10p

Usually in that 10p mix up was a chocolate mouse or two

Origin of pic

So today I decided to recreate the wonderful chocolate mouse of my childhood, as we can't get them here in sunny Texas

Chocolate mice are either made of white chocolate, milk chocolate or strawberry pink chocolate, the pink ones were more rare and most defiantly my favourite

But today i just made white chocolate and milk chocolate mice

I found this wonderful silicone mould online on eBay

Silicone mice moulds

These can be used to make sugar mice too, watch this space for that recipe

So it's really simple

You will need

One silicone mouse mould
Melting chocolate of your choice

  • First melt the chocolate as per the directions on the package (I used the microwave for quick ease)

White chocolate
Melted white chocolate

  •  Next fill the moulds with the melted chocolate
Chocolate mice moulds

  • Place in the freezer for about 5 mins

  • Once set, simply peel away the mold and pop out your prefect chocolate mice

  • Now go and eat and enjoy

Perfect with a great cup of Scottish tea

Scottish Chocolate Mice

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