Saturday, July 5, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk27)

So this is my last full week in Texas for a while.... Next week I will be heading to Scotland for the next four weeks, I am so excited

I get to visit family and friends and take in the Scottish culture that I miss so terribly while over here in Texas.

I will eat my weight in great Scottish foods that I have missed so much and I am hoping to get cooking in my Mums kitchen and bring you some recipes along the way

For now here is my weekly update of where I have been this week, all through the eyes of my feet

Day 180/365 - Outside the changing rooms waiting on Hubby trying on some clothes for our holiday to Scotland, its a role reversal right here

Day 181/365 - I love Library Monday's with my boy, it looks quiet in here but it's not, the line for going to the Children's exhibit is to my right and its enormous and noisy

Day 182/365 - This is how Buster begs for some of my evening snack - Please Mum

Day 183/365 - Shopping in World Market with my boy today, looking for souvenirs for family back in Scotland

Day 184/365 - Collecting tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese's with my boy, he loves this place

Day 185/365 - 4th of July today. Happy Independence day America.  Hubby worked in the morning and then this is how the rest of our day looked.  Ribs, corn, cupcakes and pool time followed by our own fireworks display in the street

Day 186 - Chillin' again by the pool having lunch with my side kick, it was like this then the clouds changed and it has been a down pour all afternoon - Texas weather at it's best

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  1. Exciting that you're getting a good trip back home. Hope you enjoy it, and eat all your favourite foods!

  2. Enjoy your trip! I've just got back from Edinburgh, it was lovely to be back home for a week :) Love the photo of Buster looking for a snack :) The rain hit us on the 4th :(

  3. Loving all the pool pics this week - not jealous at all! Really like those spotty wedges in the top pic - gorgeous!

  4. Is Buster coming on his holibags or is he staying behind? Rolls and square sausage coming up is it? Scottish weather is as unpredictable, one minute sun next heavy heavy rain. I hate clothes shopping for myself and even more so for oh. Look forward to seeing where you feet bring you when back in Scotland

  5. Great photo's Angela!. Have a fab time back home in Scotland! I'd be more excited about going to Texas! ;) #365

  6. Oh who can resist that begging face! Looks like a great independence day and great chillaxing by the pool. Hope you have a good time in Scotland.

  7. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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