Saturday, April 19, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk16)

What a week!

Mr TT finished his first ever MS150 - it was a bike ride of 180 miles from Houston to Austin, over two days, where he raised money for Multiple Scleroses, it is a cause dear to us as a good friend is now going through this terrible disease and he pedalled in honour of our friend

This week was also a biggie as our boy turned 7 - we celebrated with his little friends and a bounce house on the front lawn, it was fun

Now we are preparing for Easter

How was your week?

Here is my round up From where I stand each day

Day 103/365 - Sunday evening back home after the Hubby's bike ride to Austin, I am so proud of him

Day 104/365 - Raining again today and our temps dropped here in Texas too, can you see my umbrella reflection?

Day 105/365 - So the kids in First Grade had to compete in the Egg Drop this week, we needed to come up with a way to drop a raw egg from a good height and protect it without it breaking, here are our items

Day 106/365 - here they are putting the finishing touches to the egg drop project

Day 107/365 - Happy birthday to my boy who turned 7 today.  I love those little legs and feet, but they are getting so big

Day 108/365 - I found this sphinx moth today, it was giant and very pretty when it opened its large wings

Day 109/365 - Painting more furniture this week, here are the chairs I am keeping for myself, I love the cane backs, they will be sanded and prepped then painted

Well thanks for following my feet again this week, see you again soon for more Scottish cooking and more feet photos

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  1. very well done to your husband for the incredible fund raising journey! amazing feat and great that he raised both money and awareness for the illness.
    happy birthday to your son too - so many balloons i bet he loved those
    and i like your tan leather boots x

  2. Congrats to MrTT. The egg drop sounds fun - and messy! Love the umbrella in the rain shot :)

  3. Well done Mr TT. belated birthday wishes to your son! Must get myself a pedicure! ;) #365

  4. My two are in First Grade too :) Luckily they haven't had to try an egg drop as it it could get very competitive and messy at home. Well done on Mr TT's bike ride for a worthy cause!

  5. thats a lot of cycling, a huge well done. Did you manage the egg drop? Happy belated birthday, hope he had a good day.

  6. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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