Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk14)

It has been a funny little week this week....

first my Sister and boyfriend left us on Sunday for the long trip back to Australia

Tears flowed and I felt so empty and sad for days

I finally picked myself up and got back to jazzercise (my happy place) and that helped me out of my dark mood

I miss you Sammy and Sean

here are my feet photos this week - I am getting back into the swing of things

Day 89/365 - keeping my mind off the pending airport trip today by eating blue food lol, it's sad saying goodbye, especially after such a great time with my sister

Day 90/365 - feeling sorry for myself in the house all alone - Hubby at work, Boy at School, Sis on a 16 hour flight home

Day 91/365 - Hospital visit for me today to get my yearly mammogram - isn't the gappy, floral hospital wrap cute? 1 year ago ago this month I had a lump removed - always get the girlies checked ladies

Day 92/365 - Hello orange dot on the floor - I missed you. My space on the floor in Jazzercise (this is my happy place)

Day 93/365 - Did you know Aloe Vera could bloom? Yeah, me neither. My Aloe Vera in all its glory this morning

Day 94/365 - Peeling corn for dinner tonight. Steak and corn is a favourite of hubs and I

Day 95/365 - Donuts and Strawberry milk, a perfect saturday morning breakfast with my boy. 

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  1. Love how you manage to get the feet in there every day :) hope you are feeling happier now x

  2. Great Aloe Vera Plant! Yum to that breakfast. Sorry your sister and boyfriend have gone home, but boy did you all have a great time! x

    1. It's so true, we had a great time, I love every minute of their visit :)

  3. sending big hugs my lovely xx

    btw - what are the blue peeps??

    1. Thanks Jaime. Lol blue peeps are marshmallow treats that appear at Easter time here in the US, they also come in other colours like yellow, pink etc but I particularly like the blue, there just isn't enough blue foods in the world lol

  4. I love that Aloe Vera plant - beautiful. I was wondering what the blue peeps were too but just read your comment above - tbh not convinced by blue food myself!! Glad to hear that life has cheered up a bit now - always hard saying goodbye - especially when family is so far away.

  5. It's tough when family leave after a visit especially when they live far away. Steak and corn also a favourite in my home!

  6. Aw it must be so tough with your sister all those miles away - sorry you're feeling so blue :( Loving your feet pics, especially next to the doughnuts ;)

  7. love the healthy saturday eating after the exercise
    Sad your sister has gone back, its a long long way.
    love corn on the cob, hoping ours grows well this year


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