Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY - Master Bathroom makeover

I know this is mainly a cooking Blog, but I do like to add in a wee DIY post now and then

Its been a while, and well, this isn't exactly a "wee" project

So here is the long, oh so long awaited, Master Bathroom Reveal

What you must know is that Mr Tartan Tastes has done most of this work himself, and he works a full time job, sometimes 7 days a week and he still managed to finish this, and did I mention he is not in the building trade either, he just loves doing this kinda stuff
Oh and with a bit of help from his trusty sidekick - Me

This guy is my hero

I still cannot believe we totally re-did the whole thing - Ourselves

Of course, we used a plumber to help with the moving and installation of water lines, but apart from that it was all us

No Design Team to help us make the decision of room relocation
No Design Consultant helping us pick tile/paint/finishes (yes we fought like cat and dog in the tile area in Lowe's - not our finest moment)
No-one helping us with the small things like light fittings/accessories/small problems that crop up (our son was so done with DIY stores, he still groans if we say we need to go into Lowe's or somewhere, poor soul)

It took over a year, and oh yes we also got so scunnered (a great Scottish word meaning we were so sick of it)

The bathroom was set in the 70s, not a nice look

This is a run down of things we did, the first pics are of the BEFORE

* we took sledge hammers to walls and built them up again in different places  (you see our old 70s bathroom was very chopped up and we wanted one large room with a better flow  - ooh I feel all Homeshow-ish saying terms like, flow)

* So out went the old vanity using a sledgehammer and brute strength

* Out went the old bath with the 'over bath' shower

* Out went the old, not very Eco friendly, toilet

* Out went the strange dressing/vanity area and dual pokey little closets

* Out went the old ugly tile from walls and floor

It was fun/sad/exciting/emotional/exhausting/thrilling (add your own adjective there)

Here are a few painful photos of the in between stages

Dun, dun, dun.....

Here it is (drum roll please)


In came the amazing new free standing vanity and stunning mirror - I love this piece of beautiful furniture

In came the 2 person corner bath tub

In came the separate toilet closet (no more flush spray landing on the toothbrushes, I know you hear me people?)

In came the massive 10 people shower - large enough for a football team and little old me (dream....sigh)

In came beautiful Italian tile and brushed nickel fixtures

I am so in love with this area of the house now and before I was filled with dread when I entered this part of the house

It really is one of the last areas to be finished and we love it so much

Isn't it amazing how much a place can be transformed

I hope you have enjoyed looking at our makeover

I am away to go and hang out in there, and just stare, yes I am still doing that .......


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  1. Looks awesome! I'm especially jealous of the giant bathtub. I love a relaxing bath, but we just have a tiny tub that's always full of baby toys.

    1. I will let you in on a secret, right now, our beautiful bath has plastic toy soldiers all over it :)

  2. That is one sexy bathroom, if I do say so myself! Love it, congratulations!

    <3 jenn

  3. Wow! This was a total makeover! You did it great, it looks awesome!! :D

    Alicia @
    How Charming, Zeeuh!

    1. It really is a total makeover, thanks Alicia

  4. This is stunning, such a clever refiguration of what it was. My house is 30 years old. I bought it a year ago and do a little here and there on it when I am home for R&R. My master bathroom is SO SMALL! I want to combine it with the master closet, and this is the design I would LOVE for it to be!

    1. It took us a long time to decide on the final outcome, we love it, and we still have a closet off the bedroom, happy dance :)

  5. Love it so much! amazing job!

    1. We love it too, so does Sir Scoffs-A-Lot :)

  6. Beautiful job! Now that's my kinda bathroom. :)

  7. beautiful bathroom!
    i am a new follower thru GFC and found u through the naptime review mom's monday mingle!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your BEAUTIFUL bathroom makeover has been chosen to be on Today's Feature Post from Cast Party Wednesday! Thank you for sharing your makeover with us! ~Sheryl~

  9. Following back from the hop, and loving the new bathroom retreat.

  10. That bathroom looks absolutely amazing! I just love the intricate details you were able to put on the vanity and the mirror! It’s just breathtaking! Mr. Tartan did a great job on this project, and it’s amazing how you guys were able to manage to do all the work. Your new bathroom, I must say, looks fantastic. It looks a lot like one of those public baths the Romans used to have. Congratulations on the transformation!

  11. Very nice! I am looking for master bath inspirations! Looks great!

  12. It’s beautiful! I love the bath tub. The outcome looks great and you guys did a great job in managing the space. Anyone would feel comfortable in that bathroom because of its ambiance. It is very spacious and you would never feel confined while taking your time in the bathroom.

  13. i am searching some useful information, immediately i found this post and gain some useful information great work such a great brain to use.

  14. OMG!! I saw your bathroom pic through a blog party on Classy Clutter. I have got to say your bathroom is perfection in my eyes. That is the style of things I want to redo my entire house - not just the bathroom. May I ask where you got the mirror and vanity or what brand they are? They are just stunning!!!! I am new to DIY'ing and it is been daunting to say the least.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, we love it too

      You can find our vanity from a company called ICA Furniture on ebay

      the link is below and they have other great vanities, i would recommend them they were great with shipping

  15. Whoa! That's a bathroom you could die in and be happy about it! Gorgeous doesn't say it. Your hard work paid off. Awesome job!

  16. I love your mirror. It is spectacular. I am fond of mirrors. In my bathroom there are 4. Last one I bought it from Home Depot. Best regards!


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