Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Biggest Fans

When I first started this Blog, I had no idea who would read it or use it.

But one thing has been constant throughout.

My Biggest Fans.

Who am I talking about?

My Mum and Dad

They love my Blog, they have told me this many times. They both encourage me, leave me comments and tell me every time we talk on the phone to keep up my Blog. They give me ideas and tips and they send me cute things like this Scottish Apron....

My parents have always been there for me, no matter what.

Cheering me on from the sidelines of life.

In whatever I choose to do.

My Biggest fans

Its the big things they do and its the small things.  A few months ago I posted on Facebook that I had ran out of a favourite sauce of mine that I cant get in Texas. They answered my SOS, hunted the Internet and sent me 2 bottles in the mail.

When I first sat them down and told them about our possible move to America, I was nervous, my Dad said he would be so mad if I stayed for them. Even though I knew inside they were both hurting so much at me leaving, it wasn't easy back then almost 10 years ago and it still isn't. I miss them so much.

So its on their love and understanding and letting go, that I am able to spread my wings in the world.

I only hope I can muster the same courage and do the same for my son, in his life journey.

Right now they are both going through the same things again. My Sister is on the edge of a new life adventure. She is about to move to Australia with her boyfriend and both my Mum and dad are bursting with pride that she is about to have a fantastic life out there but inside they are both hurting and will miss her more than words can even express.

Their strength and courage is beyond understanding

Mum and Dad, I love you both.

Thanks for being My Biggest Life Fan



  1. Lovely post. My better half is also a great support for my blog - and doesn't it make a difference! Have a great week!

  2. hi angela thankyou for your kind comments and you have reduced us to tears after reading it but you have a natural talent and please continue as long as it gives you satisfaction and we are proud to be one of your original bloggers


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