Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scottish Recipes - Split Pea and Ham Soup

Split Pea and Ham Soup

Split Pea and Ham Soup is Mr Tartan Taste's most beloved soup

Now that October is nearly gone and the weather is cooling this weekend in Texas (yeah, finally) I think its time for soup

Yes, even in Texas the weather cools ever so slightly at this time of year, not nearly as much as Scotland but it's still a change all the same

When leaves start falling, no matter where I am, it makes me turn to comfort foods and soup is the best comfort food there is

Split Pea soup is thick and hearty and delicious

For this amazingly delicious soup

You will need

1lb bag of Dried Split Peas
1 Smoked Ham Hock
1 Large Onion - diced
1 tbsp Butter
2 pints Water
Salt & Pepper 

  • Rinse the Split Peas, leave to the side

  • In a large Saucepan, melt the butter and add the diced Onion, cook for 3 minutes until onion is soft

  • Remove from heat and add the Split Peas to the pan with the onion and mix well
Peas and Onions

  • Add 1.5 Pints of cold water to pan and add the Ham Hock and put back on heat
Ham Hock

  • Bring to rapid boil then lower to a fast simmer for around 1.5 hours (keep stirring the peas that collect at the bottom on occasion)

  • About half way through the simmering add the other half pint of water to the pan

  • Once pea shapes have melted away, and the soup has naturally blended, remove the Ham Hock and cut the ham from it and toss the ham pieces back in the pan (discard the bone)
Split Pea and Ham Soup

  • Add plenty of salt and pepper to tastes (seriously we use a crazy amount of pepper as Mr TT loves it that way)

  • Enjoy this soup piping hot with a crusty loaf
Split Pea and Ham Soup

You can store this soup in the refrigerator, but just so you know it will set like a block of cheese, so if you reheat you will need to add more water later to thin it out again.

We have a joke in our home, we ask for a "slice" of Split Pea Soup

I am away to enjoy this cooler weather that's headed our way, and reminisce about nippy aired Scottish evenings curled up with a bowl of soup and a blanket

Scottish Pea and Ham Soup

Scottish Split Pea Soup



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  1. looking a bit thick for dad otherwise fantastic

  2. Looks amazing! Split is my favorite! I love making it homemade. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful week.


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