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Scottish Recipes - Battered Fish and Chips

Deep Fried Battered Fish with Chips,  what can I say?  Its the best !!!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chip Shops or Chippies as the are called locally in Scotland are 10 a penny, with way more than one in every city, town and village. Especially fishing villages where fresh fish is just the best. I have great memories, going with Mr TT in the car for a run to a nearby village and sitting in the car eating Fish and Chips on our laps looking over the sea.

Fish and Chip shops are usually a place where you would takeaway the food, where you go in and order from the counter, and have your Fish and Chips wrapped in paper. Back in the day, Fish and Chips were wrapped in newspaper, these days you will more likely get your fish and chips in white and brown paper and possibly on a paper tray too.

Fish "n" Chips.

Definitely a very famous dish in Britain

In Scotland they tend to use haddock

In England its more likely to be cod

For this Fish and Chips dish, I used Cod as it was readily available here in Texas

You will need

1lb/16oz Skinless Haddock or Cod

Batter Ingred.

150g/6oz All Purpose (Plain) Flour
15g/halfoz Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
Sparkling Water

Chips (Fries to my USA friends)
4 Medium Potatoes
a glug of Olive Oil
Coarse Ground Pepper
Coarse Sea Salt

  • Set Fryer oil to 325 F for the fish

  • Pre-heat oven to 450F/230C for chips

  • Cut the potatoes length-ways into 3 sections, then each section into 3 
cut potatoes

cut potatoes

  • Put Chips (fries) into a large bowl

  • Add the glug of Olive Oil, and a good crunch of salt and pepper
add pepper/oil

  • Mix well, then pour out onto a baking tray, Bake for 20 minutes, until golden


  • While the chips are baking, Cut the Fish into big pieces, leave to the side

  • To mix the batter, first sift the Flour and baking powder into a large bowl, add salt
sift flour

  • Add sparkling water a little at a time until a smooth medium batter is formed

  • Dip the Fish pieces into the batter
Cod and batter

  • Fry without a basket (food will stick to basket) for 8-10 minutes per piece, until golden and crispy
Battered Fish

  • Once ready, lay on paper towel to drain

  • Enjoy 
Scottish Fish and Chips

Scottish Fish and Chips

Serve the British way with Malt Vinegar and Salt. 

You can also add lemon slices and/or Tartar sauce

British Fish and Chips

Typically, good old British Fish and Chips are also served with Mushy Peas (large marrow fat peas cooked until softened and mushy) Oh I feel another recipe coming on, Mushy peas, and I have a great mushy pea story from my childhood for you

Meanwhile, enjoy some Fish and Chips 

That's what we are having for dinner tonight



  1. i could just eat those fish and chips right now

  2. Yummy! I could go for that right now.

    Found your delish recipe on The Grant Life. :)

  3. Yummy, looks awesome! Pinned.Thanks for linking up to SAt. Dishes~ Paula

  4. Fish and Chips...does it get any better than this basic cooked meal? Thanks for linking up to Saturday Dishes. -Savannah


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