Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sir Scoffs-A-Lot is 5

Happy 5th Birthday to my Handsome Cowboy

The family

I have been neglecting my blog over the last week or two

The reason for this, you ask?

  1. It was Sir Scoffs-A-Lot's birthday last week, he turned 5 on Tuesday and then had a birthday party on Saturday
  2. Mr TT and I are rushing to get the last minute things done in the house, ready for the hardwood floors going in next week (am I excited? oh yes)
But don't worry, I have been cooking up a frenzy this week and some fine Scottish cooking will be posted shortly

So back to Sir Scoffs-A-Lot's birthday, my baby turned 5 last week, how did that happen? 

Homemade pony cake

We gave him a birthday party this year, his first one ever. 

We have never done the typical year 1, 2, 3, or even 4 birthdays where family gather and shower him with love and presents. The reason for this is all our family are back in Scotland while we are here in Texas. I always knew I would like him to have a birthday where he invited his own friends and had a birthday party he would remember, and this year seemed to fit that just fine.

At the end of last year we were invited to a silent auction where we were the highest bidder of a Pony Party, and so started the wheels of Sir Scoffs-A-Lot's 5th birthday

We went with a Cowboy/Western theme 

Texas metal art

All the kids got Cowboy hats with Sheriff badges to wear and to take home after

Cowboy hats and sheriff badges for the budding little cowboys and girls

The Pony Party company came with a cute pony and a petting zoo that consisted of a goose, a sheep, 5 rabbits and 3 crazy chickens. The kids adored the animals.







We had a "Panning for Gold" game where we used a paddling pool and a bag of pea gravel. We took about a third of the pea gravel and spray painted it gold in a cardboard box then mixed it up with the unpainted pea gravel and the kids loved it, they spend a long time looking for the "Gold" nuggets

panning for gold

Panning for gold

Everyone loved the pony, and took the trail 'round the yard many times over

Pony rides

Pony rides

I made a "Dodge City" from cardboard boxes which also took up some of my blog time, we renamed it "WINDY CITY" as it was kinda windy on Saturday and it got blown about a few times, the kids loved it and chased each other in and out of the general store and saloon and pretended to be in jail, it was a hit. Unfortunately, today it is out on the kerb for trash day, totally wrecked and totally played with.

the kids at Windy City

Birthday cake

Happy birthday my Boy. I love you.


p.s. thank you so much to my friend and neighbor Cheryl Murchison for taking all these wonderful photos for me on Saturday


  1. What a fabby day, looks amazing! Logan must be so proud of his mummy and daddy ... xx :)

  2. Thank you Hez, it was a great day :0)


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