Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY - Houston we have a Garage (Part1)

Well, its been a long time coming, this Garage

Finally Mr TT has a big huge smile on his face, his Garage / man cave is here, it only needs a quick paint and some garage doors and we are set to fill that beast with all the normal things garages hold, and not just vehicles, I am talking about things that no home should shelter, I mean, come on, a generator in our spare bedroom?

Garage finally built

When we first moved into our home in 2005 there was no garage. Instead, there was a slab out back that looked like it had a garage standing there at some point, we use that as a patio now, and plan to turn it into a covered patio next year

We only had a pebble driveway back then and we parked on that pebble driveway and trekked across the vast lawn, tripping over tree roots and the likes

Here's what the front yard looked like in 2005

Back in 2005, no driveway, no garage

Then in 2009 we planned out a shiny new driveway with a garage. The first stage was to get the driveway laid

Driveway going in, 2009
Driveway all complete, 2009

This was an amazing transformation and changed the whole look of the front of the house completely, and gave Sir Scoffs-A-Lot a great place to ride his bike and more importantly, no tripping on tree roots any more

Bike riding

It took 9 cement trucks and a team of man power to lay that driveway

So next step, to have the garage built.

For the next couple of years, yes couple of years, we parked in the "invisible garage".

See it there? no? Thats because its invisible

The Invisible Garage

So this year the time came, and only 2 weeks ago work started on the Garage and again our house was completely transformed into, yet again, another new look

Garage getting started, 2012

Now we have a roof

Garage with some sides

Garage nearly complete

Now the roof is on

Happy Hubby

Mr TT checking out the attic space in the garage.  Do you see that happy face?


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