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Scottish recipes -Scottish Lorne Sausage

Here is one of my favo(u)rites.... The great and delicious Lorne Sausage

Scottish Lorne Sausage

Whether you call it Lorne Sausage, Square Sausage, Sliced Sausage

Scottish Lorne Square Sausage

One thing for sure is it is enjoyed by many people in Scotland as part of a great Fry Up (a Scottish/British cooked Breakfast), great for mopping up egg yolk and the likes

Do you see it hiding under the egg?

Scottish Cooked Breakfast
It is loved in Scotland on a buttered roll with a squirt of Brown Sauce or HP Sauce on there too. My personal favo(u)rite

Scottish Square Sausage Roll and Irn Bru

In Scotland you can just nip into the corner shop, supermarket, local cafe or local butcher and there it is, all pink and square, waiting to be bought.  I love the stuff

So here in Texas there is no Lorne Sausage, I went a couple of years without the delicious piece of square meat

That is until

My lovely Scottish Expat friend Irene gave me a recipe

Its from her butcher friend, and this stuff is amazing

If you are lucky enough to be in Scotland just nip out and buy some

But if you are like me and living overseas it is

You will need

A loaf dish, glass is better, so you can see the air pockets
3lb minced beef (ground beef) Don't use lean beef as it will be too dry, you need the fat
3 cups homemade grated bread crumbs
3 teaspoons salt
2.5 teaspoons black pepper
3 teaspoons coriander powder
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Mix it all together in a bowl .... be prepared to get your knuckles in there and knead

Scottish Square Sausage Mix

Put the mixture in the glass loaf dish

Check for air pockets and get rid of them by pushing and squishing the meat
Ready in the Glass Loaf Dish

Cover with greaseproof paper or cling film

Put the loaf tin in the freezer for about 1.5 hours

Just enough to make it hard without being completely frozen solid

Take it out of freezer and turn it out of the loaf tin

Slice it

And there it is (I made 12 slices)

Ready to fry or grill (broil for my USA readers)

You can store it in the fridge for a couple of days until its ready to be cooked 

Or store in freezer in freezer bags 2 at a time until read to enjoy

Doesn't it look yummy?
Scottish Lorne Sausage

Now, if you don't like the taste, try making it again but change the mix of condiments until it suits your pallet, after all, nae twa butchers in Scotland hiv the same recipe...right?

Irene, the friend who gave me this brilliant recipe,  is one of those ladies that help shape how a place is, she was one of the first people I met when I came to Texas.

I was new and navigating my way around a strange place. Mr Tartan Tastes told me a "woman called Irene is picking you up tomorrow to show you around", so she turned up her silver sports car, all tanned, tall, glamorous and from the west coast, and she whizzed me away to the Galleria in Houston.

I loved it, we had a beautiful lunch outside in November and talked about life and how we came to be living in Texas.

Over the coming months and years she introduced me to other great expats living here and a circle of great friends emerged. She took me to get my social security number and help with all kinds of things including the day she let me use her car to take my Texas driving test. I passed. Mr Tartan Tastes had no idea, I surprise him that night, "Look, I took my driving test and passed today", all thanks to Irene. Irene and I are still friends and still get together for a good old blether when we can

And so its all thanks to Irene, that when I feel like it, I can indulge in some tasty Lorne sausage here in Texas



  1. Brian's gonna love this!

    I bet Mr. Tartan is loving all the food you're making for the blog, lol.

  2. when is mr tartantastes going on a diet lol on a more serious note another fatastic blog pal keep up the good work and look forward to your next one

  3. Hi just found your blog :) I too am a Glasweign living in ontario canada..I have made square sausage but use half beef and half pork...its yummy but not as good as at home...
    I was just there in may and my first 5 meals...yes breakie dinner and supper where a fry up with potatoe scones sausage and black pudding :) Cheers Frances

    1. Hi Frances, good to hear from another ex-pat:)

      Your trip in May back to Scotland sounds pretty perfect to me, lol, a Fry up every meal sounds fab :) Made me laugh

  4. Hi I am a Glaswegian living in Derry NH. I love the recipes. Makes me homesick. I was searching on the net for a recipe for Puff Candy and found your site.Linda

    1. Welcome, Linda. Glad you are excited about all the recipes, it really does make us all homesick though eh? But I hope not too much :)

  5. Love that can of Irn Bru in the photo. That was pure class (lol some Scottish slang there for you). Thank you again for this.

    1. Lol glad you love it LS knits, and loving a wee bit slang on this lovely morning ;)

  6. I'm a Scot living in Wisconsin and was looking for some scottish recipes to cook for my husband when I came across your blog! Can't wait to try some of these!

    1. Welcome Lou, happy cooking, baking and treat making :)

  7. I've had the flu for the past 3 days and had a can of chicken noodle soup last night and 2 slices of toast the day before. I'm hungry but can't keep anything down and am craving a full fry up like you can't imagine, not that I could get one anywhere around here even if I could eat it. I just had to say that picture of your fry up is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank God my wife never learned how to cook, if she cooked like you (and dear old mum) I'd weigh 25 stone!!!

    1. haha, this is one of the best comments I have ever received. I am glad you are feeling better after the flu, you must be on the mend if you are craving a fry up :)

  8. Hi Guy's
    The recipe you have for square slice is incorrect, just like all the others on the internet. The real recipe is a trade secret and was posted online about 15 years ago but was quickly removed, not before I downloaded it.
    I'm heading into retirement here in San Diego and will be selling "real square slice" shortly on my website.

    1. What Ron says!!

    2. What Ron says!

    3. Trade secret??? rubbish, what a load. I'll not be buying your top secret sausage I've got a top recipe that I'll share with anyone who asks. If you had any baws you'd share too instead of being a pontificating pooflike pratt (or prick for more effect). Happy New Year, I just finished 2 homemade roll and sausage non secret edition

  9. I'm in Waterford, MI. The (Scottish) butcher there is mince (pun intended). His Scotch pies had beef not mutton. His bridies were not bad but needed more pepper. Nae haggis or sausage rolls and no square sausage. Any decent Scottish butchers in MI? Or do I need to go to St. Catherines in Ontario across the border? I love my misses but my belly loves a fry up. Lol

  10. My brother is a butcher and he has heard the above story so many times .We have lived in Ontario Canada for forty seven years and we have two brilliant Scots butchers in our area .Like all recipes for haggis, black pudding, fruit pudding ,link sausage there is no official recipe. That statement is bunk .the best recipe is the one you find most palatable for yourself

  11. Reply to Gilbert,
    Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery
    25566 5 Mile Rd, Redford Charter Twp, MI 48239
    (313) 532-1181
    also online

  12. Lorne Sausage!!!! My husband and I miss that so much. A good fry up is no fry up without some Lorne. Going to give this a try. Will get some great meat pies at the Highland Games in Enumclaw, WA next month. Usually buy a box and freeze. Love them with Daddies Brown Sauce.

  13. hello angela....first gen USA born here in Kearny NJ (Paisley east...haha) and grew up with Stewarts and Camerons butchers and bakers goods....Tried your tattie scone recipe yesterday and it it outstanding. Am going to attempt the "slice"/lorne sausage for the weekend fry up. One question, i have seen a few other recipes adding chilled water to make a sticky loaf, i always thought slice was a dry sausage? Your comments would be helpful....ta steven

    1. Hi Stephen - I have never tried the water, the whole idea is to chill it in the freezer so it can be sliced easy, I wouldn't imagine wanting t sticky, let me know how you get on with it

  14. I also have been venturing into the kitchen of late to try my hand at various Scottish foods. Came across your blog/site thingy and it's an enjoyable read with some good stuff and always brings a smile to my face. I make the square slice pork/beef mixture( my 10 year old half Mexican grandson can also make them and he'll eat them till they are coming out his ears )they taste good but can't quite get the same texture as back home. May experiment with different beef or grinding my own a bit coarser. I think I use 80/20 so maybe more fat needed. I got the tattie scones down but the kitchen looks like a scene from white Christmas by the time i'm done. Lately been working on the "glesca" rolls. Pretty close there too, just can't get the inside that feathery light way, I'm really really close but think i'm missing the last wee secret to make them exactly same as home. next pudding...where can I buy pigs blood or sheeps blood ? Hope your site keeps going for a long time rally enjoy it. keep up the good work. I'm in Austin texas Hook 'em Horns :-) that's my American vesion of C'mon the 'Well !!

  15. Ok.I make my sausage with half pork and half beef, Ive tried it your way, quite good but the pork gives it the Scottish flavour
    Anna Edmonton alberta


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