Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heaven in a Grocery Store

Now I love food, I love all foods (except scrambled eggs) and when I go to other places in the world I will try almost anything, within reason, but there is nothing like a wee piece of home grown (or home manufactured) foods

So, just to give you an idea of life as a Scottish expat living in Texas, I decided to go to my local Supermarket and snap a photo of the goodies from home we can get our hands on

(I proceeded to tell Mr Tartan Tastes of my plans, in case he got a call from the police saying his crazy fool of a wife was snapping photos in a supermarket - I'm not sure we are allowed to do this, but I have done it before, so thought OK, I can do it again. I have a fantastic photo from a couple of years back of Sir Scoffs-A-Lot and I by the bananas - he loves them)

So, here it is folks, this is what I and other expats around the world are up against.

So its our little section of convenience in the International Foods section

In some countries there are no British items to get your hands on, nightmare indeed, I feel for you

While all you lucky Scots are swanning around your Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's picking up all the foods you have grown up with and more, I am so jealous

I have this little section in my local Texas Kroger

Its not much, we make do,

want Heinz Beans?  they are there,

want HP Sauce? its there,

want diluting juice? its there, its pricey, but its there.

British Chocolate, oh yeah, its there, only a few choices but still, I am happy

Now don't get me wrong, we all live in the age of the Internet and I have my go-to places when I want a bigger choice, but for quick convenience this is it.

When I first arrived in Texas in 2003, I walked into a store and for the first time in ages I clamped my eyes on some bottles of Irn Bru on the bottom shelf, I ran up, swept the whole lot into my shopping cart, OK, OK, trolley, and emptied the shelf like a crazy person. I then proceeded to feel super guilty and so I put ONE bottle back in case someone else fancied a wee bottle. Well I got there first, right?

It may not be a whole Supermarket of stuff

But its my Little Piece of Heaven in a Grocery Store



  1. Do you have a recipe for pastry for a mince pie? You know the kind you get with beans on them....yum! I so miss them the most. Love your blog. Thanks for all the recipes you put on here!


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