Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scottish recipes - 2013 Most Popular look back

Well another year has come and gone and I have been busy still rustling through my recipes and making some great all time favourites of mine

I want to thank you all for hanging out and trying some of these great nostalgic Scottish recipes that I love

New this past year, along with enjoying some great Scottish cooking, I also ventured more and more into my furniture reviving business, Forever Vintage by Angela (click here for my Facebook page link)  I am truly at my happiest when I am creating, whether it is food or furniture

New this coming year I have started a Facebook page for Tartan tastes in Texas, click here to "Like" this page so you don't miss anything foodie going on around here in the coming year

So lets round up the most popular posts from 2013

With no further ado and in no particular order

Hope you have enjoyed this look back with me over this great year of cooking and creating

and the only thing left to say is

Happy New Year, and here is to another wonderful year ahead in 2014

Bye the noo



  1. Oooh! I'm going to have to pin some of those recipes to try! Yum!

  2. Those apple turn overs look AMAZING!!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, personally they are a favorite of mine :)

  3. Delicious! Pinning several of these and sharing with my mum :)

    1. great, let me know how you get on making some of them

  4. Treacle pudding looks delicious! Pinning that for later :)

    1. its sweet and delicious, hope you love it too

  5. So glad to see your list. I forgot that I promised my kids the Harry Potter dessert: Treacle pudding. Thanks for being part of foodie friday.

  6. Hello fellow Scottie! I live in Ontario Canada, and hail from Dundee. My Dad was born in Edinburgh and my Mum in Errol (near Perth) so I grew up playing on the High Street of Edinburgh just down from the Castle.
    I never knew how much I missed my Homeland until I went back after 37 years. I teared up the minute I set foot on the pavement at Glasgow airport. Great to have found a bunch of expats to share recipies with.

    Here is my Grannies all time favourite soup...hale and hearty and served on Hogmanay it truly warms you up.
    My Canadian Hubby LOVES it. Hope you all like it too.

    Cael. pronounced cail ...not to be confused with Kale the vegetable.

    1LB of Red Lentils, put in big (and I mean BIG) pot cover with salted water (not too much you can add to taste later) add a smoked Ham Hock (most deli places sell them) cut off the skin and just leave the meat
    on the bone, add to the pot.
    Boil for 1 hour, you will have to scoop off the white scummy stuff that comes off the lentils. No need to soak them overnight!

    While waiting on your lentils to turn mushy after an hour boiling, you can grate or finely chop in a blender (this is easier on the hands) 4 large carrots, 1 big onion (yellow) and a medium sized Turnip (this is the one with the waxy skin on it)

    Use a Potato peeler to take the waxed skin off....cut into small chunks and grate/blend until very fine.
    I usually leave a few bigger pieces to have in my soup as I LOVE my neeps!

    Once the hour is up on the Lentils you can start to add the grated veggies to the pot.
    This is where you need to finesse the amount as it gets pretty packed in the pot (hence the need for a BIG soup pot)

    Most Scots make a huge pot of this, as it is fabulous the next day heated up and we usually eat it for a couple of days. Just put the leftovers in a big bowl in the fridge and scoop out what you want to heat up. Ours doesn't last long as my Hubby eats it all.

    You need to boil the pot for about 3 hours on simmer, just keep stirring once in a while, and add more water if it starts to go down and gets too thick.

    About 2 hours in, I add a couple of Tatties to the pot, cut them into small chunks...makes it yummy!
    I also fish out the Ham Hock and shred off the meat and add it back into the pot.



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