Friday, August 23, 2013

Furniture Friday - the cute little Desk

Desk or vanity with homemade chalk paint

This cute little desk was a piece that I had hanging around for a while before I knew what I wanted to do with it

It belonged to a sweet man who said it belonged to his Great Aunt

I fight with myself sometimes about painting furniture, is it the right thing to do?

It's worse if the piece is perfect looking, like this one

desk / Vanity

Desk / Vanity

I wonder, is there going to be a whole new generation of furniture bloggers a few years from now stripping all this chalk paint and distressed paint work off these pieces and calling us names while they do it? I think so, for sure

Even so, I decided to make my own chalk paint for this one and to distress and antique only the drawers and the top

Here is a rare photo of me painting

Tartan tastes in Texas

It turned out looking great, all beachy and bright

Desk with Homemade Chalk paint

Desk / vanity with Homemade chalk paint

It is currently sitting in my master bedroom looking fantastic

Desk / vanity with Antiqued Chalk paint
Homemade Antiqued Chalk paint



  1. What a cute piece! Loving your two tone finish. As for the next generation of bloggers, you might just have a point:)

  2. LOL...Look at it this way...We're giving that next generation something to write about. I think it turned out just beautiful too!!!
    Nicely done,


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