Saturday, September 14, 2013

Furniture Friday - Fleur de Lis End Table

I reworked this end table a few months back, it needed a new lease of life, it was a pretty shape and was solid wood through out, what can be better than that?

End table makeover with stencil

Here is how it looked when I first acquired it, old and tired with a few flaws

End table makeover

But, some paint and a pretty Fleur de Lis stencil and it was looking ready to live a great life again

Fleur de Lis stencil

Fleur de Lis End Table

Thanks for looking at my pretty end table makeover



  1. Wow what a fabulous transformation!!! You did a great job with the little table, it turned out great!!

  2. I can't help, but to say wow! You have such a creative mind. Meeting my expectation and my sense of design and style are the great reasons why I love doing a DIY home furniture. Creativity in doing a DIY home furniture is a big factor to succeed and to save your penny as well.


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