Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scottish recipes - Bacon wrapped Mini Sausages

Sausages wrapped in bacon

Cute little Sausages wrapped in Bacon, a great accompaniment with Turkey on Christmas Day for us

We love them and they are so simple to make

You will need

Pkt of Mini sausages (pork or beef)

  • Preheat oven to 425F / 220C

  • Take a good pork, or beef mix mini cooked sausage

  • Wrap a piece of bacon tightly around each individual sausage
Sausages wrapped in bacon

  • Place on a baking tray and cook for 20 minutes until warmed through
sausages wrapped in bacon

  • Serve immediately on the side with your turkey 
sausages wrapped in bacon

You can also have these cute sausages as an appetiser, and serve with mustard for dipping

Enjoy these cute little sausages whatever way you wish

    You may also want to sprinkle brown sugar over the prepared sausages before cooking if you prefer a sweeter taste


    Scottish Word of the Day - Pinny - Apron

    (I need to wear my Pinny when baking as the flour gets everywhere)


    1. These look delicious! I think someone made these at our carry in here at work, but they were gone when I got up there. Looks easy peasy to make! Came over from the Mingle.

      Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

      1. Oh no, cant believe you miss them , now you will need to make your own :)

    2. Quick and easy and good to eat. That's what I like. Thank you for sharing.

      We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

    3. These are also known as "Pigs in blankets"..


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