Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scottish Recipes - Scotch Pancakes

Good Morning, Happy Sunday everyone

Now its time for a typical Sunday breakfast item in Texas or indeed USA


In Scotland they also go by the name of Drop Scones or Scotch Pancakes

Scottish Pancakes
The recipe I am using today is for the most fluffy, sweet Scotch Pancakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating

I always make Pancakes this way since getting my hands on this recipe, I love this recipe

Its not a typical Scottish Cookbook recipe

but one that a great friend of mine gave me years ago

These delicious Pancakes are made from Karen's recipe

I used to work with Karen back in the day, in where else? Woodrow's 

Karen and I at Woodrow's, we made this Christmas Buffet for all the staff

Honestly, we used to sit around at going home time talking about what to make for dinner and swapping some of the most delicious recipes ever, I still use many of these "swapped at Woodrow's" recipes and this one is no exception

Thank you Karen for this great recipe, still scribbled on a piece of scrap paper from Woodrow's

You will need

3 Eggs
7floz/200ml Milk
7oz/200g Sugar
1lb/450g Flour (I use self raising, makes them really fluffy inside)
4floz/100g Oil (any cooking oil is fine even Olive Oil)

Scotch Pancakes

Mix all the ingredients well, together in a large bowl (I use a hand mixer)

Pour large spoonfuls onto warm skillet or frying pan

Leave enough room between each for spreading

I usually wait until I see small bubbles appear under the surface before flipping over to do the second side

Once done, Place hot Pancakes on a wire rack to cool slightly


The Scottish way is to serve them warm with butter or butter and jam

Another favourite serving suggestion in our house is 

top with sliced bananas, pour over pancake syrup and top with whipped cream

That's what we are having for breakfast this morning

Scotch Pancakes

Whatever you are having, Enjoy your Sunday breakfast



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