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Howdy y'all


As you know, this is my blog about my Scottish Tastes, (recipes and life) while living in Texas

So lets talk stereotypes, both Scottish and Texan for a minute

When I first came to Texas, a lot of people, (friends, family and strangers) would ask

"Are there real Cowboys in Texas"?

source: yukonforge.com

Well No


well Yes.

Its kinda like when people ask, "Does everyone in Scotland wear a kilt"?

Well No,


well Yes

There are times when you will go to Edinburgh or Glasgow or indeed any other City or Town in Scotland, and there is the Piper in his kilt on the street corner giving it laldy with his bagpipes, in his kilt no less

Piper in Edinburgh

Pipers in Dunfermline

The Edinburgh Tattoo

Another example of a kilt wearer amongst the general public is perhaps a Scottish man in his kilt walking down the street, on his way to a special event.

A crowd of Scottish lads in kilts on their way to a Scottish Football match or a Rugby match.

Indeed, any other special occasions like a wedding or on Hogmanay (New years Eve in Scotland)

Football supporters in kilts

Scottish lads in kilts

The family at a family wedding in Scotland this year

But the general Scottish population doesn't hang out in kilts, filling up their cars, walking in the park or shopping at the supermarket.

It's really more of a special occasion thing.

So back to Cowboys, are there cowboys is Texas????

Once in a while you will cross paths in a supermarket with a guy in the hat, belt, shirt, jeans and cowboy boots (no spurs sadly enough) oh and the gun, but that's a whole other conversation.

But every March, here where I live, the Rodeo comes to town.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is massive, it lasts about 3 weeks and is a great family event, many big country stars and mainstream bands play at the event.

There is the livestock show where breeders and kids alike show their livestock for 1st prize, the Rodeo Carnival is fun and then the actual Rodeo inside the Reliant Stadium is something to see.

So at this time of year its so different, almost everyone dresses 'Cowboy". And I love it.

Now you can tell the "just for the Rodeo" Cowboys....

Everyone makes such an effort in their own unique way

Beer drinking hat wearer

Lady in Black

Crowd of various cowboy hat wearers

Matching pink bandanna's

Rodeo hat

Hey, how did Sir Scoffs-A-lot and Mr Tartantastes get on here?

and then (swoon) there are the Real Cowboys.

Real cowboys waiting to organise the Mutton busting

Real Cowboys hanging out
Real Cowboys

The men who's lives are all about their passion and the art of Bull Riding, Steer Roping and the likes

The men who work hard, living on a farm in a small town somewhere, who turn up to Rodeo's all over the country to make a living.

The real Cowboys

So its Rodeo time right now in Houston. We have our tickets, we are going and I love it.

We will eat corn and corn dogs, popcorn, brisket, chili cheese fries and cotton candy you name it, we will eat it

Gigantic Popcorn

Corn eating

Cotton candy munching

We will all dress "Cowboy" for a day and love every minute of it

If I have a favourite time of year for family or friends to come and visit us here in Texas

It's Houston Rodeo time

So why don't you mosey on over

Howdy pardner


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