Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk37)

Hey, hey fellow followers of Scottish cuisine

How are you all this week?

Can you believe it's less than a week before the Scottish referendum where the people of Scotland can vote for Independence from the UK.

Unfortunately I cannot vote as I am a Scot living abroad here in Texas but I have been watching this whole thing unfold like the rest of the world, whatever your views I hope you support Scotland in whatever lies ahead for this great country and it's wonderful people (Hi mum and dad)

So, this week I have been busy again with many things and not cooking as much .... more recipes coming soon but in the meantime enjoy this weeks "From Where I Stand" photos

Day 250/365 - Enjoying a cider on this Sunday evening - it's been a while since I had cider, it was refreshing

Day 251/365 - Abs routine in Jazzercise - Hello Big blue balls

Day 252/365 - My boy joined Cub Scouts this evening at a rally at his school, he is so excited

Day 253/365 - Houston Texans curb in my neighbourhood, I still don't understand the game of Football but this expat is trying - Go Texans

Day 254/365 - It really does appear to be mushroom season around here, here are some on my neighbours lawn

Day 255/365 - Tomato and basil soup for lunch, thank you pinterest

Day 256/365 - Decorating for my favourtie season.... I love changing my decor with the changing seasons

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  1. Fab round up Angela. Since having the monkeys and blogging I like Autumn too! #365

  2. I love Fall too, and it's starting to feel more like it every day! I don't understand Football either :) I think I'll be a complete wreck on Thursday waiting it hear the result, I am beyond gutted that I can't vote!


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