Sunday, September 7, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk36)

Hey fellow Tartan tasters, how are you all doing this week?

I have been getting back into my groove since school started last week for Sir Scoff's-A-lot

It has been a busy mix of getting things done and taking time to enjoy the moments, that's what its all about after all, right?

Here is my weekly round up of "From Where I Stand" - one photo a day


 Day 243/365 - my little artist and his life sized chalk drawing of himself on the driveway

 Day 244/365 - Pomegranates from our tree in the fruit garden out back

Day 245/365 - Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner tonight - this beauty is the Cowboy

 Day 246/365 - Our box turtle friend is back, he was making a quick pace across the lawn this afternoon, he hid when I walked up to him for the photo

Day 247/365 - This mushroom on our lawn is out of control, eww !

Day 248/365 - Making lunch and this face is watching my every move

Day 249/365 - Dinner on the grill tonight Texas style

Now pop on over to The Boy and Me and check out some other great blogs that are taking part in the 365 Project this year - just click on the "365" logo below

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Some fantastic shots for the week - I was commenting to myself on each one such as 'wow cool chalk drawing' 'how amazing to have a pomegranate tree' 'what a mushroom!' 'adorable loyal companion' and 'they are definitely Texas size steaks.'

  2. That pizza looks huge from that angle. I'm sure it was normal size really. The turtle is amazing, what a shame he hid away. My favourite is the chalk drawing, what a lovely thing to do!

  3. Wow to having a pomegranate tree. We've got mushrooms on our lawn - first time I've seen them there. Obviously the year for them!

  4. Steak and pizza? Looks like the best week ever :)

  5. Brilliant photos - such a great idea! Pizza looks good! #project365

  6. the mushroom is bigger than the tortoise. We are having steak tonight, as long as it is well cooked I can eat it, dont like it red or pink in the middle. Love the chalk drawing.

  7. That chalk drawing if fab and that pizza is a beast - looks yummy

  8. Love the chalk outline picture, such happiness and light. I'm doing that with The Boy tomorrow!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  9. Wow your pics are so exotic, pomegranates! turtles wandering in! Very nice pedicure as well.


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