Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk8)

It has been a week of chores and getting things done around here, then a great finale on Saturday evening with a local Rodeo in Katy, Texas

I love a small town Rodeo, they really are so up close and personal. You can get lost in the sights, sounds and defiantly the smells, hahaha

Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of the rodeo with my feet but there are a few feetless ones on my Instagram that captures the fun

So here are my photos this week, from Where I Stand ....

Day 47/365 - Hubby cooked some amazing ribs this evening for dinner

Day 48/365 - Monday night means swimming lessons for my boy, here we are in the changing rooms

Day 49/365 - Doing chores in the house that aren't the norm, up the ladder, down the ladder (repeat)

Day 50/365 - Such a pretty day, waiting at the bus stop for the school bus to arrive - I love the yellow school buses, they are so iconic of life here in the USA

Day 51/365 - Buster our beloved Boston Terrier, he is always under my feet, this is a normal view for me most days, especially in the kitchen

Day 52/365 - I love walking bare foot on the new rug we bought recently, its so snugly and soft

Day 53/365 - Hanging in Pro Bass Shops trying out the boats for size just for fun - I love that little captain

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  1. I love your dog. He so cute. Mine is the same always under my feet just in case I drop a crumb or too. I agree about the yellow school buses, so American.

    1. My dog is such a pest and such a moocher but I love him to pieces

  2. What a great idea to post pics from where you stand! I too love those yellow buses - so distinctive of the US. Those ribs look yummy!

  3. Your photo's do make me chuckle! I love the school bus one best! for some odd reason yellow American school buses remind me of being there in the past!

    1. lol thanks Jo, I love the school bus this week the best too

  4. Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  5. must have missed this one last week. Have to say I have never been boat shopping, though I guess somewhere must sell them. Our school buses are the oldest shabbiest things the bus companies can find. Do all kids go to school by bus or id there a catchment limit ( her its more than a mile away for primary school and 2 miles for secondary school.)
    Ouch at bare feet on the ladder


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