Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scottish recipes - Hot Toddy

'Tis the Season for..... No, not Christmas.

'Tis the Season for colds, coughs and flu

A Hot Toddy is a typical Scottish drink made from Whiskey and honey which is served hot

Scottish Hot Toddy

Scottish beliefs are that this Hot Toddy will ease the symptoms of the common cold and the sniffles, whether or not this is true, many Scots still use a Hot Toddy for this purpose, I do suspect modern medicine will tell us this is not the case

Nevertheless, a wee Hot Toddy is still a nice evening drink on a cold, damp night, and boy, do we get plenty of cold, damp nights in Scotland

Here in Texas, its not so damp and cold, I am spoiled here

To make this Hot Toddy

You will need

2 tbsp Whiskey (or Bourbon if its easier to find, my USA friends)
1 tbsp Honey (or 1 tbsp Brown Sugar)
Hot Water

Cinnamon Stick

Scottish tradition says, use a Crystal Glass and a silver spoon - this is what I did, how fun !!!

  • Heat the glass or teacup by running it under warm tap water then dry

  • Boil some water

  • Put the honey (or sugar) into the glass
Hot Toddy
  • Pour a little hot water into the glass
Hot Toddy
  • Once the honey has melted, add 1 tbsp whiskey, stir
Hot Toddy
  • Add more hot water and the other tbsp of whiskey
Hot Toddy
  • Fill to taste with more hot water, stir and enjoy hot
Scottish Hot Toddy

You can also add lemon juice or pop in a cinnamon stick, the choice is yours.

Typically a Scottish Hot Toddy does include Whiskey but you can also enjoy this drink with Brandy or Rum if you prefer

The important thing to remember is to make it how you like it and enjoy

Keep your sniffles at bay my friends


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  1. Looks so comforting. My great grandmother from Spain via Mexico, always used to make a tonic similar, but with lime, Tequila and agave instead of lemon, Whiskey and honey.
    Now after reading your post, I might get back to that practice.

    Coming. To you from Classy Clutter linky party!

  2. This cured anything from a sp;inter to anything major in our house growing up in Scotland !!! I continue the tradition here in Texas too.


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