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Scottish Recipes - Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

Well it happened again, food talking to me.

 I had two ripe bananas staring at me from the fruit bowl, screaming "Make us into something yummy"

So Banoffee Pie it is

Again its one of those things that's not entirely Scottish

I looked it up and it was actually invented in the 1970s in England, very interesting indeed, read here

Nowadays, Banoffee pie recipes are varied, some call for caramel, some not, some call for added ground coffee, some with crumbled chocolate or drizzled chocolate on top

Its called "Banoffee", as a play on Banana and toffee, its two key ingredients

This recipe I used was hand written and given to me years ago and I cant remember who's it was, the recipe was vague, so I filled in the blanks and made this yummy pie for only the second time ever, doesn't it look delicious, believe me, everyone who has a sweet tooth will love it

Banoffee Pie

I found many banoffee pie recipes online where it said to boil your can of condensed milk in water for around 4 hours to make the caramel, it is dangerous and unnecessary to me, do you know the cans can explode? not good with a five year old hanging around, gladly this recipe doesn't call for that, it makes a paler banana mixture, I like it,  I didn't fancy scraping condensed milk from my ceiling

Making this in Texas has its challenges, but recently I found Wal-mart sells McVities digestive biscuits, the important biscuit/cookie for the base, but otherwise I might use a graham cracker crust, I think that would make a good American substitute, I have heard of other recipes calling for pastry, but the original banoffee pie recipe was a digestive biscuit base

Makes an 8inch round pie

You will need

4oz butter
9oz crushed digestive biscuits

Banana cream mixture
1 can condensed milk
6oz butter
6oz sugar
2 ripe bananas thinly sliced
Two ripe bananas

Half Pint Heavy whipping cream
Chocolate melted for drizzling - optional

  • Grease an 8inch round pie dish

  • Melt butter in a saucepan (leave aside to cool slightly)

  • Put digestives in a bag and crush using a wooden rolling pin until fine crumbs

crush the biscuits

  • Put crushed digestives and melted butter in a glass bowl and mix well

Butter and biscuit base

  • Flatten into the pie dish and press down well

pressed into dish

  • In a heavy based large pot melt butter and sugar together on a high heat until butter is melted and sugar is dissolved

sugar and butter

  • Turn down heat to medium and add condensed milk

  • Bring back to Boil, then simmer for 5 minutes, stirring continuously until mixture thickens and darkens slightly (being careful not to burn the mixture)

  • Add sliced banana to pot, stirring in well

banana slices added

  • Pour hot banana cream mixture into pie dish

waiting to cool

  • Put into fridge to cool and set for 2 hours

  • Beat heaving whipping cream until stiff (don't add sugar, trust me the banana mixture is super sweet)

whipping the cream

  • Add cream to the top of cooled pie

cream on top

  • Melt chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl and add water to thin and drizzle over the cream

Banoffee Pie

Serve to your family and guests if you haven't already eaten this whole thing yourself, its pretty amazing

Banoffee Pie


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  1. YUM. I have a few bananas talking to me too. I'm glad I'm not the only one fruit talks too. Now if I could be sure that I'm not the only one whose M&Ms talk to her...


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