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Scottish Recipes - Chicken Curry Packet

OK. So I am gonna cheat a wee bit here

In keeping with the Curry theme from a couple of weeks ago after doing Coronation Chicken

This is a post about Chicken Curry, you know, that Scottish favourite from most Chinese takeaway Establishments

Scottish Chicken Curry

That yummy stuff that goes with chips (fries to my USA readers)

Oh Yeah, Chips and Curry sauce, mmmmmmm

Takeaway (take out) food is a big thing in Scotland. People generally go into various food places buy food and take it home and eat it. Its a very big part of life in the UK. Chinese food, Indian food, Pizza and the fabulous Fish & Chips are a few I can name. There is nothing better than taking home your little (or indeed big) parcel of food and enjoying it in the comfort of your own home with maybe a glass of wine, I miss that part of Scottish culture. We used to get 'Takeaway" at least twice a week when we lived in Scotland. Don't get me wrong we can get "take out" here in Texas, but the excitement isn't the same.

So this post is not really a recipe as such, but more of a packet mix

Its Young's or Yeung's Concentrated Chinese Curry Mix, this amazing packet is made in Scotland.

Young's Yeung's Chinese Curry Mix

This is really for the ex-pat wanting that amazing Chicken Curry that they haven't had for a long, long time

What you need to do is, on your next visit home to Scotland, search the Country and all the Butchers and you will find this little packet of Curry heaven

Or if no travel plans to Bonny Scotland are imminent then get that lovely Scottish visitor to stash a packet or 5 away in their suitcase, my personal favourite option

So, as I said before this stuff is found in Butcher Shops, its incredible and just like the real thing, I feel like this is my duty to tell you of this amazing packet mix, it will change your life if you are missing that  curry sauce

I first got introduced to this packet of curry sauce way back before living in the USA was even a flicker in our minds. It was around new year time and it was at my pals house in Arbroath, I was amazed at how good it tasted. I loved the stuff, yum.

So I know for sure that you get these packets in butchers in Fife, Angus, the Borders, Edinburgh and Glasgow, almost anywhere I'm sure. Also Tesco Supermarket are selling it now.

Makes a BIG pot

Serves a bunch of hungry Scots

You will need

4 - 6 Chicken Breasts
2  Large Onions
Curry Packet mix
(follow instructions on packet)

Rice to serve

Chips (fries) to serve

  • Cut Chicken into bite sized pieces and brown in a skillet or large pan
Brown the Chicken

  • Chop Onions into eights, making big chunks
Chopped Chunks of Onion

  • Using instructions on Packet mix, take a large pot add 2 pints of water and add the packet mix, heat and stir until no lumps
Chinese Curry Mix Packet
curry sauce mix 

  • Add the cooked chicken and the raw onion chunks to the sauce, simmer for around 10 minutes, if you are like us and like big crunchy onions, if not simmer longer
Add Chicken and Onion to Curry Sauce

  • Mix and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy 

Scottish Chicken Curry

 Oh and did I say enjoy !!!!


This is not a sponsored post, (I wish) all the info in this post is my own opinion and a product that I love very much and want to share with you all


  1. another option is to add apple and raisins for those who do not like onions

  2. Great idea. The apple still gives a crunch. I have even used bananas slices too.

  3. This is the best Curry Sauce ever from Scotland! I live in Qatar, Doha now and crave this stuff all the time!! Enjoy ladies if you find it!! x

  4. So true, it is the best ever.

  5. Ha ha can't believe it I've been trying to find a Scottish Chinese recipe for ages then I come across this . My mum used to send me this sauce when I lived in Germany . I'm a chef ad can't emulate a good Scottish Chinky this stuff is the beez neez

    1. Thanks for stopping by, this truly is like the real thing, love that a Chef agrees :)

  6. Can anyone help...
    I'm trying to remember how to make a dish that a lost friend brought back from a holiday in Texas. I could be eaten hot or cold. I think it consisted of chicken, apples, raisins/sultanas, evaporated milk and curry powder.

    1. Could it be Coronation Chicken ?

  7. Where can I buy yeungs curry sauce?

    1. Julie, I can't find it anywhere in USA, it really only seems to be available in Scotland. I usually get my parents to buy a few packets and mail it to me. Or if I go back to Scotland I stock up on it.

    2. Scottish guy married to an American we just moved back to Scotland and like you I`m a lover of Yeungs Chinese sauces .The nearest thing I could find to it in the US was S&B Golden but still craved the unique taste of Yeungs.Enjoying the site Snowballs Stovies et al.

    3. Forgot to add.There were a few specialist stores both in CA and around Portland OR where you could buy quite a few Scots/British foodstuffs I also used a company on Amazon called British Delights perhaps they stock similar sauces such as Goldfish curry sauce.

  8. American woman married to a Scot( we have just moved back to Scotland and rediscovered Yeungs curry sauce) .The nearest thing we could find to it in CA and OR was S&B Golden, I found your site after a generic search for Scottish snowball recipes.

  9. This is actually so close to a takeaway Chinese curry here in Scotland it's unreal!

  10. Aww cmon!!! I was so excited. When I googled my favorite curry mix from home as I'm in withdrawal from it....I thought I was clicking a link to buy it. This is a tease!:-) back to Google I go lol


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