Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY - Hardwood Floor Dream Come True

Well my Blog has been totally abandoned over the last week or so.


But I have a genuine excuse, we have had no Internet since the lower level of our home was cleared out

We are getting ready for Hardwood Floors

Yes that day has arrived

It has been a dream of mine to get Hardwoods in the house, and finally the dream came true last week

The floor we chose is from Bruce Flooring, its a hand scraped Hickory and the color is Brushed Sahara Sand

We love it

So here is the before collection of pictures of the carpet/tile combo...

Goodbye ugly tile.
Goodbye old carpet
I want to say I will miss you but well, no, I wont....get out of here....

Living room before Hardwoods

Living area with carpet

Ugly kitchen floor tile

Hallway to master bedroom

master bedroom with old carpet, wood stain from Pinterest project
breakfast area, old tile

Next comes the transition....

The Flooring company had to level our uneven cement floors and we waited in this transition period from Wednesday until Sunday....this was not my shining moment

Slowly the dream turned into a mini-nightmare, I had no idea what we were getting into. If you have ever had someone install Wood Floors then you will know what I mean when I say the dust gets everywhere, let me say again, the dust gets everywhere.....!!!

For someone like me this is a hard thing to live with, even on a short term basis

I am a neat freak, I have always been a neat freak

So to have my house turned upside down and inside out was very traumatic for me

There were a ton of tears and a lot of stress, only by me, everyone else was fine, even Sir Scoffs-A-Lot still played on the concrete floors with his cars, loving the wide open space

Me, well, you could find me rocking in a corner somewhere, muttering the words "never again" 

living area, carpet all ripped up
living area with cement floors waiting to dry

Next came installation day.  Yessssssss ... 5 days later I may add...

My smile came back and slowly the house came back

I have no pictures of this installation stage as I couldn't even find my camera at this point as our whole house contents were either upstairs in our rooms or in the garage, it got messier and crazier

I'm happy to say my cleaning products and swiffer have been put to great use this week and I am once again a happy bunny, everything in its place and nice and clean, OK well most of it, I'm not that good

Here is how it looks today

Dining area with new Hardwood floors

Master bedroom with hardwood floors
breakfast area with hardwoods

kitchen with hardwoods and my custom paint

looking towards the kitchen, hardwood floors

hallway to Master bedroom

looking towards french doors, hardwood floors

kitchen with hardwood floors

looking towards office, with hardwood floors

living area with hardwood floors

I am doing my happy dance

It was totally worth it

Now all I need for Mother's day this Sunday are those Swiffer Mop Slipper things, and I will be cleaning as I go

ahhhh, a neat freak's dream come true



  1. Love the floors. love your comment about rocking in the corner. i can just see that! its difficult on such a neat freak but your house will be easier to clean now. Perfect.

    1. Glad you love the floors Sammy, be easier on your feet, im sure, no more jaggy carpet :)


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