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Scottish recipes - Homemade Custard

This amazing Homemade Custard is based on Jamie Oliver's recipe for English Custard

Homemade Scottish Custard

Custard is a very British dessert and loved by many

It is so versatile and is great poured on puddings, cakes and fruit

Custard can be enjoyed both hot and cold

and can be in pies, tarts, crumbles and pastries

And, it is just as wonderful enjoyed simply on its own

We Brits love the stuff

So lets get down to making this great dessert

Makes 2ltrs/8cups

You will need

500ml/16floz Whole Milk
450ml/15floz Heavy Whipping Cream
6 tbsp Sugar
2 Vanilla Beans or Pods
8 large Egg yolks

  • In a large pot, pour in the Milk and the Cream and 4 tablespoons of sugar

  • Next slice the vanilla pods length ways and scrap out the tiny seeds, put the seeds in the pot
Vanilla pod / Bean


  • Bring to boil slowly then add the vanilla pods to the pot and let it simmer gently for 5 minutes to bring out the vanilla flavour

  • Using a separate bowl, add the egg yolks and the other 2 tablespoons of sugar, whisk up until blended
egg yolks and sugar
egg yolks

  • Temper your eggs, by adding a few spoonfuls of the milk and cream mixture to the egg yolks and whisk again, repeat again with some more milk mixture

  • Remove the vanilla pods/beans from the pot and add the egg mixture to the pot of milk and cream

  • Bring to a medium heat and stir until the eggs thicken the mixture after a few minutes, it should feel like heavy cream and coat your spoon when ready

  • Once thickened, take a sieve and strain the mixture into a bowl to catch the larger pieces of vanilla clumps

Now you can serve straight away, warm
Or leave to cool to enjoy later

Homemade Custard

 I hope you enjoy this amazing sweet, creamy custard like I do


Scottish Word of the Day ; Coo - Cow
(This custard is made from the milk of a Coo)

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  1. Hello Angela,
    You custard looks yummy! I am visiting from SSS. I believe this is my first visit to your blog. As soon as I find some vanilla pods, I'll have to try your recipe. Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Love this. I am starting to use weight instead of cups and my cooking has improved significantly. A pretty glass makes everything taste better.

    1. So true, a pretty glass does make things more special :)

  3. This brings back wonderful memories....my mom made custard when we were kids and we would have it over slices of pound cake, what a treat!!!

    1. I love that it brought great memories for you, this is why I love blogging :)

  4. Looks amazing! We would love it if you would link up at our new linky party: Two Girls and a Party Hosted by:
    Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life
    Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off
    We hope to see you there!

  5. Absolutely a keeper recipe! Love that you use vanilla beans and not extract! Thank you so much for sharing this at Wednesday Extravaganza - hope to see you there again this week with more of your deliciousness :)


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