Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scottish Recipes - Tablet in the Microwave?

Scottish tablet

One of the first recipes I posted on my Scottish Blog was for authentic Scottish Tablet see here

Tablet is that super sweet sugary delight that I have grown up with and still love, maybe a bit too much

It is kinda tricky to get right and many a 'tablet making' pot has been thrown at a kitchen wall around homes in Scotland I'm sure

It really is that frustrating sometimes

So this recipe is an easy way to get it prefect, no pot throwing involved

It uses slightly different ingredients than the traditional Tablet and it also uses a microwave, I know, I will say it again, a microwave

Now this recipe had to be adjusted slightly as microwaves in USA are way more powerful than microwaves in Scotland, its the same total cooking time but done in shorter cooking bursts, if you are in the UK you can do 3 sets of 4 minutes to help get the temperature of the mixture higher otherwise if in the USA use the directions below

You will need

A microwave *grinning from ear to ear
a hand mixer (or wooden spoon is fine)

1lb Fine Sugar
4oz/100g Butter
5floz/150ml Evaporated Milk

  • Grease a small baking tray or baking dish

  • Break up the butter and place all ingredients in a large microwaveable bowl and stir together 
Butter, sugar, milk
Mixed well

  • Microwave on high for 2 minutes, take out and stir well
Microwave tablet mixture

  • Repeat this step another 5 times, until 12 minutes of cooking has occurred

  • After the 12 minutes, use an electric hand mixer and beat the mixture for 2-3 minutes until it starts to stiffen slightly

  • Pour into the prepared tray

  • Lightly cut into squares whilst not completely set and put in refrigerator until cooled and hardened

  • Enjoy
Scottish tablet

You can store this for a while wrapped individually in parchment paper

This is one of my favorite treats and this recipe is a faster and easier way to make it, so it doesnt get any better than this

My mum used to make it this way in a place that she worked and she gave me this recipe, Thanks Mum

I love how well it turns out

Go on try some, your Dentist will love you 



  1. We love butterscotch around here so I'm definitely trying this, stopping by the grocery tonight before heading home. Hubby will be happy about the 'no throwing of pots' ;)
    New follower - visiting thru Claiming Our Space party

    1. Thank you so much for following, hope your tablet turned out great :)

  2. OMG that looks way too easy & sounds way too delish!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, it is easy, hope you try it :0)

  3. I'm not sure I've ever eaten Scottish food, but this looks like a yummy place to start!

    1. It is a great place to start, its very tradtional

  4. Made this a few nights ago, it was awesome! Can't believe how simple it was to make.

    1. Glad you loved it as much as me, and yes it is really simple :)

  5. My husband moved to the US 7 years ago to marry me. He's napping and I'm making this in secret... thanks for the recipe! Hopefully it'll take him back to Scotland for a bit!

    1. I love this !! How did it turn out? did he wake up from his nap and love it ? :) I hope so, and yes, you must go take a trip to Scotland soon

  6. I've been hunting for a recipe for what we called Butter Fudge in our family. The old family recipe just doesn't want to set up right. When I started digging around I found a lot of Tablet recipes but all sounded like they would end up the same. This microwave recipe is soo much easier and set up beautifully. I scraped the bowl and ate that; so far it seems to taste the same as I remember. Thank you very much for posting this!!! My 82 year old mother will be so surprised and delighted when she finds some pieces in her Christmas stocking.


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